Concrete points

Working in sales, it’s important to make sure that your information and logic in bullet points are concrete and factual is very important. Even more importantly you want your points to be 100% perceived correctly by your client. Too often younger sales professionals, as well as veterans, lose sight of what points are the most important. They are often caught only pointing out the best points of themselves, their company, and their product that are only important to them. They don’t often recognize that concrete points need to be recognized by the buyer and not the seller.  

There a few ways that we can recognize this trait and train ourselves to automatically custom tailor our pitch and presentation for each individual client. This makes your points more exciting and solid them and will better influence their buying decision. A major part of making the sale emotional for them is making sure they recognize that you’re doing work on their behalf and pointing out the benefits that they recognize as important. So how do we make concrete points for our client by customizing each pitch on the fly?  

 Start early in the pitch qualifying your client:

This shows urgency on your end quickly that you are trying to really help the client with their needs. Waiting too long to ask for concerns is great for starting a conversation but can lead to the client perceives you as being fake and only interested to trick them. Truly qualifying them quickly both personally and professionally is important to lay a good feeling and intention that your sole interest is to meet and address their concerns and then arriving on a master solution for their issues.

Truly place yourself in their shoes:

 Doing this means you have to be really empathetic when selling your client. Your client could be rude or be having a bad day but it’s your job to investigate why and keep in mind that everyone is a person. Being able to break through the wall will help you get to their real concerns. The best way to be truly empathetic is to pretend that your client is an old friend or a group of friends that you know. This will help your body language automatically become more personal and engaging. Put yourself in their shoes and become that person and you will be able to understand why they have the concerns and problems they.

Ask questions (Business & Personal):

The only real way to truly qualify a client is to ask questions and to investigate. During your investigations, you need to ask questions that you will get truthful answers from your client. You do this by not asking questions that are seen or could be intrusive to them. Asking too early in the sale about someone’s financial situation might not be the best way to move forward. Intrusive questions are meant to spark movement and urgency and should only be used after you have built up a rapport. Keeping your questions personal will help you build trust and keeping your questions business will drive objectives. Keep your question asking balanced for the moment.

Always ask for a progress report:

 At any time you’re off with your line of questioning during qualifying it’s ok to ask the client how you are doing. Asking for a report on your performance is essential to find out how you are doing by the person who is making the decision. Your client is the perfect person to give you a progress report. Always explain why you are asking and follow it up with the statement “I always ask my clients how I am doing to provide the best overall presentation and interaction that so we achieve your objectives”.

Happy Sales!

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