Confidence Vs. Competence

Confidence Vs. Competence

The Sales manager directs his attention to a whiteboard. They point with his black dry erase marker to the words highlighted in red: “Sell with Confidence“.  The sales professionals, the group, and the team are just watching and waiting to get on the floor, to call the next client, or to get out into the field. What does this mean? How do we sell with confidence in every situation?  You can only sell with confidence is you have competency in your communication, in your company, in your process, and in your product.

Having competency in all of these things will automatically make you confident in the product that you are selling. The only way to be fully competent with all of these things is to study, practice, ask, & study again. Read books on effective communication. Learn everything about the company that you work for. Have confidence in and learn your companies’ sales process. Learn as much about the product as you can as well as all the objections that come along with buying it.

Focus on your order of study when taking on a new sales job or working with a new company to help your learning curve. Having confidence in your new sales job takes time to practice and patience. To help with this follow this order of study:

  • First, Learn your companies sales processes and procedures
  • Second, Study all objections in the training that you’re given
  • Then Focus on product knowledge

Keep your study to this order mastering these things first and in order will help you have more competence in what, when, who, when and where your selling. It will also give you the ability to help you sell with confidence.

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