How do you carry yourself in sales?

We often get the question from young sale professional “How are we supposed to carry ourselves during the sales?” This is a very broad question, but there are some basic things that you need to know, that will help you engage your client’s intentions by carrying yourself well. To be seen taken seriously as a professional is one of the most important parts to becoming effective in sales. People buy from people that have good information and from people who they trust.
Keeping in mind a few things when you start off can truly help you kill your learning curve in a new sales industry. Focus on these things that will save you precious time and money:

Dress for Success: Dress to the occasion and the area that you are selling in. But keep in mind that you need to dress casual formal. Keep in mind that dressing like those who already sell in your industry is the key. Ask and observe the number one representative for you company and follow their lead. It’s important even in sales over the phone that you arrive dressed for success. Even if your client cannot see you how you dress can affect your attitude and way you act.

BE formal and professional: Carry yourself as professionally and formally as possible during the introduction and qualifying stage of the sale. A perk of appearing professionally is; no matter what position you have in sales, the client can perceive that you treat your job with the utmost professionalism. This helps with clients who do not respect your position and will help them become more honest and truthful during your presentation. Hold your ground and regard yourself as a top level executive. Your job is to inspire confidence with your customer.

Become more personal as the presentation goes on: As the presentation goes on and you break the proverbial ice with the client, more of your true self needs to come out. You need to build up trust by also showing your client that you are not a machine but a” humane” being. This will help them see that you also have a softer side. This is a quick way to build confidence by dialing down the formality at this time and become more personal.

Do not act to needy: Acting needy in your presentation although can negatively affect your sales in certain situations and also kills your credibility. Keep professional attitude with a hint of personal touch and don’t act needy. Even if you are in need of a deal or commission, acting needy will not help your situation. Stay on pace and act like a regular human being. Be formal but act as if you were selling to a friend.

Do not act to aggressive: An aggressive approach to pitch your sales to the client could scare some clients. Taking the high ground while dealing with the customer might win you the battle but you will lose the end war. Always be polite and act like someone selling your product, idea to a friend.

So in conclusion, dressing to succeed, keeping it formal and adding your personal touch without encroaching the client’s personal space, this is how you carry yourself to sail smoothly over your sales and come out victorious.

Happy Sales

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