How do you sell a boring product?

Everyone always says, “Sell what you believe it!” right? Sometimes it’s hard to sell something that you do not believe in or have no interest in, but you do it anyway because it makes you a commission. The sale of a product is always easier if it is something that you like. So, how do we get on board with selling something that you don’t have interest in?

There are many companies that sell basic products but come up with very impressive demonstrations that showcase the value of the products they sell. A good example is selling kitchen knives. What is exciting about that? Many would say that kitchen knives are not that impressive. Cutco Knives is a company that turns their product into a full demonstration that is actually quite impressive. The presentation shows all the dynamic uses of their collection of the silverware. They sell the benefits and tell stories of the value that their product can offer. It’s a great presentation and a good example of how to turn a boring product into something purchase worthy.


What are some of the things that we can do to turn a boring product into something of value?


  1. If you have just started in sales “Find an industry that sells products you’re interested in”: The best way to sell a boring product, if you have the power, selling something you actually like. Find yourself in an industry that has product that you like. If you like cars then sell cars. If you like finance and math sell financial services,  if you like houses sell houses. If you like going to bars then find an alcohol company to sell for.  Finding the right industry can make all the difference because you might already have a lot of product knowledge when it comes to the industry. This also plays in your favor because you are already a user of the product.


  1. Your product does not sell itself, the value of your products does not sell itself: What sells your product is a combination of the person selling the product with the stories that build the value. Value is flat without the true situations to prove your point. Being able to paint a picture for your client of the benefits and value of your product is the only way to express true value in a boring product. A good example would be if you’re a door to door water softener pellet salesmen. This is a very boring product for most people. My way of making it interesting is to tell stories about the feeling of a nice hot shower or bath on a cold and windy day. The fact that soft water has the ability to clean you much better than hard water. I would point out getting into the comfort of your own bed cleaner than ever. These stories bring out emotion and spark interest. Find a story to make it about and not the boring product.


  1. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: If your product is boring to you, then a lot of the time it will be boring to your customer as well. This is important to understand then it becomes about your customer’s impressions and what they like to do. The right amount of qualifying can make the world of difference. If you put yourself in their shoes then you can better angle your boring product to make it more exciting to them. Asking the right questions is the best way to start.



  1. Put on a presentation that would impress you: It’s all about the presentation. An amazing demonstration of your product can change mind quicker than words. Think about stories that you can build to add value to the product you sell but then match it with a solid presentation. Make sure that it has enough punch to spark interest and questions. Ask yourself what would impress you about your product? Again if I was selling water softener pellets, my demonstration would be a buildup of a nice hot shower and actually give the opportunity for my client to take a shower or bath using our product. (Obviously not the same day!) Keep in mind that your presentations and process can turn any boring product into the next best thing.

So keep these things in mind the next time you have to sell a boring product and earn your commission and sales .

Happy Sales!



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