I agree with you!

There is a lot of reason to not agree with your possible client or prospect.  When you’re selling a product or service to your clients it’s very easy to get wrapped up in all the plus points your product provides. These very positive points we spent a lot of time in training learning about. What we fail to realize that sometimes what is important to you with your product or service might not be important to the potential client. This is when you need to agree with the statements and viewpoint of your client and ask them to clarify. Once you have a better understanding of their point of view you can think like them. Once you can think as they do, you can come up with ideas where your product can matter heavily for them.

If you can agree with your client’s concerns then you’re also more likely to win over their vote of confidence. Your potential client will recognize that you value their concern and opinion and will be more likely to look for your professional advice on the concern or objection. This makes you more able to build rapport and move the deal forward as they perceive without letting them leave your sales process.

Keep in mind these things when agreeing with your client!

If you don’t agree then try to agree using their perspective.

If you don’t agree from your perspective let your client know this but say if I was in your shoes I can understand your point of view.

Meet their concerns truly, honestly, & empathetically to build trust and rapport


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