Importance of Direct Eye Contact in Sales

Eyes are the windows to the soul and in sales, you can tell a lot about what people are thinking, through eyes. The Central Intelligence Bureau has used eye movements as a “Tell” during interrogations for years. This is a reason why eye moments, in sales, can work to our advantage during communication with others. This is also very true in the animal kingdom. Direct eye contact means seriousness and direct communication while looking down with your eyes could mean contempt or submission. Using this basic eye contact or no eye contact in sales can make a major difference in the responses from your clients.

Some of the best ways to practice recognizing your eye contact is to observe the role play in high-pressure sales situations that will drive emotions. Write down all of the emotions that you or your client might have during a sale. For example “Pressure” or “Excitement”, then as your roleplay observe your colleagues eye movements and match them with the given moment. Also, note your eye movements. Write all of these down as notes under each emotion. Then you can understand how you direct emotions with eye movements.

Keep these tips in mind while you deal with your client.

False eye movements are a “Tell” for deception:

Make sure that if you practice and study eye movements, you perfect what you are learning. If a client in conversation catches you in a false eye movement, it could mean deception or miss intentions on your part. Do your best to keep your eye movements as honest and sincere as possible.

Only use direct eye contact when you’re trying to make the strongest of points:

Direct eye contact is what dogs use to either enforce a point or inflict aggression which is associated with seriousness. If you only use direct eye contact for attention and only direct points than your customer will recognize the severity of the points your making. Practice enforcing your key points with direct eye contact.

Being submissive is a powerful tool:

Always looking away during moments that do not have high value gives your client the upper hand and helps them feel in control. Being submissive has just as much power as having control. Letting your client direct the sale in a controlled environment and system is the best way to seal the deal. Putting your tail between your legs when things don’t really matter helps you build rapport. Keep in mind the fire you have is only used when you need to.

Follow your emotions:

The best way to really understand eye contact in sales is to follow your emotions. When you’re sad take note of your eye contact. When you’re happy, take note of your eye contact. When you’re angry, take note of your eye contact. This will help you get more in tune with how emotions drive eye contact. 

In Conclusion, use your eye contact to read your client, and crack a deal.

Happy Sales

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