Make your client feel important!

As sales professionals, we are often taught to be extremely formal and extremely professional. This can be so overstated that we also sometimes lose sight of the fact that each sale is a buying experience for a potential client. Even though we have been through this process many times, it might be the first time for your client. When we go through the same process over and over again, we begin to stagnate and lose enthusiasm with the process. We need to make sure that our customers in every interaction feel important as they are. They are the ones making the final decision. Your potential client is the one who needs to emotionally and logically feel comfortable working with you.

What are some of the things that we can do to ensure that your client feels important? How can we make sure our client feels like they are in the driver’s seat even if they are not? Let’s have a look at some basic actions that you can do to make any client feel important.

Simply tell them:

A lot can happen when you simply tell your client that they are very important to this buying process and their help is going to be needed throughout the whole process. Letting them know that they are sitting in the driver’s seat will boost their confidence and let them know that you have put them into a professional process. This will help you build a positive working relationship with them right from the start. Keep in mind simply telling them is a good way to make them feel important.

Always be available:

When you tell them that they are important but they have no way of getting a hold of you, then you appear to be lying to them. Your availability is a good way that clients will test your loyalty. They want to act important as well as be important. You need to make sure your client knows when and when you are not available. This will help them understand that your time is also valuable but you have put in the effort to make sure they are important.

Always under commit and over deliver:

Always make sure you keep everything on the table for your clients. Being 100% honest with what and what you cannot do will save you from headaches in the last part of the sale. Being able to impress is one of the best ways to make your client feel important. It makes them feel that you and your company went out of your way for just them. Always promise what you can do, follow through, and then do a little more.

Never take communication for granted:

Keeping a tight communication on time, dates, commitments, availability, and procedures is a very good way to keep your client feeling important. You cannot take your process for granted. You must always keep your client informed of what is going to happen in your process. This will help keep them in a closed loop but also keep them feeling involved in a process. You must define your process because a story with no process is a never-ending one. A process has a start and a finish. Make sure that this process is well defined and confirmed before you start.

Be on time and stick to your word:

Honesty and punctuality is the perfect combination of simple things that you can do to help keep your client feeling important. Honesty is most important but being on time to every commitment is essential. If you stick to the time given then it shows effort and respect for your client’s time.


Keep your client in the driver’s seat and you will go very far in every sale. Make them feel important and keep them involved in your process.

Happy Sales!

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