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Carson is a passionate sales person who has spent more than ten years making deals, selling products and inspiring sales around the world. His passions include interpersonal communication, closing, and working with international businesses to improve their marketing and sales staff.

Carson has worked in consulting for several years and has improved sales centers in USA, India, Mexico, Bangladesh, China and Nepal.He has also trained hundreds of sales professionals in interpersonal communication, client relations and finance. Currently, he manages several sales related businesses including inside, outside and digital sales outlets.

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Making your sell an experience

Do you remember tying your shoes this morning? Probably not! Do you remember every aspect of your drive to work or school today? Probably ...

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Selling as a Solutions Provider

Are you selling products or are you selling solutions? Are you selling the feelings that these solutions will provide to your prospect? This is ...

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Focus on Making your prospect feel understood

This is simply one of the most important tips that anyone can give! If you can project empathy to your prospect, they will buy ...

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The Power of Sales Support

Why would you not use every tool that you can get? Why would you not use every guru that can help you in achieving ...

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Selling what you love

  Being able to find something your passionate to sale is important in starting your sales career. Having passion for something during your ...

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What is your goal in sales ?

Although simple and stupid but necessary. A lot of sales pro’s forget their main objective in sales. Sales will always be a numbers game. ...

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When do you bring up price in the sale ?

Price seems to be what every client talks about. This is very low on the scale of importance when selling your product. The more ...

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Selling Benefits and Features VS Outcome

Most people want to sell the benefits and features but forget that the reason for these benefits and features is how your client will ...

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Managing Clients Expectation

This video will help you understand that it’s ok to tell customer “No”. Being able to manager your client’s expectations will help you later ...

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