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Carson is a passionate sales person who has spent more than ten years making deals, selling products and inspiring sales around the world. His passions include interpersonal communication, closing, and working with international businesses to improve their marketing and sales staff.

Carson has worked in consulting for several years and has improved sales centers in USA, India, Mexico, Bangladesh, China and Nepal.He has also trained hundreds of sales professionals in interpersonal communication, client relations and finance. Currently, he manages several sales related businesses including inside, outside and digital sales outlets.

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Discovery Sales Method

Topic: The No SH*t Sales Journal Author: Carson Cook Amazon Link: Get Your Copy Today !! The Discovery Method is a very important ...

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The $100 Sales Referral Trick

Getting referrals to actually come to life is difficult. Use this method for high ticket sales to really get referrals coming in.

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Sell Outside The Box

Being normal and reliable is boring! Being creative and selling outside the box is something that will help you close deal that others would ...

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Selling with Compliments

You would think that giving someone a compliment would be easy, but it is one of the hardest things to do and think about ...

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Sell by Listening

Most people in sales loves to present, speak, showcase, and talk. But it’s a very hard thing to learn how to master “Listening” being ...

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How to Get Referrals ?

Ask for a Favor! You just closed them!? You just earned their business and this is the perfect time tov ask for future ...

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Make a friend, then a sale !

If you focus on making a friend you will gain a client! Most have never sold anything to anyone they did not know! Also, ...

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How to assume the sale!

Making the right statements can help your client have the mindset of moving forward! Being able to assume the sale! Is an extremely good ...

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What is the worst that can happen in Salesd

Why worry about rejection? Why worry about problems? They ARE going to happen it’s how you handle this idea, it’s how you keep your ...

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