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Carson is a passionate sales person who has spent more than ten years making deals, selling products and inspiring sales around the world. His passions include interpersonal communication, closing, and working with international businesses to improve their marketing and sales staff.

Carson has worked in consulting for several years and has improved sales centers in USA, India, Mexico, Bangladesh, China and Nepal.He has also trained hundreds of sales professionals in interpersonal communication, client relations and finance. Currently, he manages several sales related businesses including inside, outside and digital sales outlets.

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Sales Communication Difficulties

We all have errors in our communication. It is our job a sales professionals to eliminate as many as those errors as possible. It’s ...

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Mindfulness Exercise

Use these quick little tips to help you improve how you respond back to your client in a heated negotiation. Making comments, statements, and ...

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Follow the #1

There should not be a day that goes by where you are not open to learning from someone new. Experience is great but that’s ...

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“1st Impressions”

You have 7 seconds to make a lifelong lasting impressing on your client. Do not mess it up. Being able to lay a positive ...

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Selling Fears

Should I learn to sell? The answer is “Yes!” Everyone should learn how to sell. We actually sell every day. It’s the selling fears ...

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Content vs Delivery

  What is more important? What you say or how you say it? Communication is 90% how you deliver the message and only ...

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“What is rapport?”

  Rapport is a very broad topic in sales. There are many novels, manuals, and coaches that have the secret recipe for building ...

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Practice makes perfect!

We only see the cover of the book! We only see the numbers and states from the professional player! We never get to see ...

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“How to carry yourself in sales.”

People often ask “How do I act?” “How do I carry myself when selling?” Caring yourself as a highly respected professional is the best ...

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