Sales Opportunity

If you are fortunate enough to work for a company that provides you leads, then you have an advantage over many other sales professionals in your industry. Leads should be considered golden opportunities to strike up a conversation. The problem is when we work with groups of sales professionals that are used to leads they often complain about the quality. The problem with this is that to often they expect the “Red Carpet” kind of sale with leads that they get. This means that they expect the client to just want the product and ask the sales pro where to sign. This is never the case and will never be the case. Why? Well then you would not have a job! Your job and your position is to “SELL” the opportunity, you job is to help make them interested, your job is to turn a no into a yes, and your job is well to do your job “Sell”.

So how can we make the leads we receive better?  Well first you need to improve your skills and thought process around the leads you get. You need to be thankful even having the opportunity. And look at each lead not as a guaranteed sale or close but as an “Opportunity”. A lead is an opportunity for you to do your job. It is an opportunity to show off your abilities. It’s your opportunity to strike up a new relationship. We need to look at these leads as just a foot in the door. We need to look at these as an excuse to have a conversation with a potential client. What do we do to improve our chances with any leads that we get?

  • Stop Complaining: Receiving leads are much like driving. Leads and driving are a privilege not a not a right. Working with a company that provides leads should show you that they do invest in their sales people’s success. If you’re not closing off these leads and others on your team are then you need to look at yourself and not the leads. It’s much like a pro baseball player blaming the glove for missing the ground ball and not their poor performance. Spend less time complaining and more time figuring out what you’re doing wrong or how you can be more effective.


  • Change your mindset: Change your mindset from “These leads suck” to “Dam I get leads” what would happen if I didn’t get leads? Where would I be or what would I do? Then you should do both! Prospect your plan as well as take full advantage of the leads that you are given. Being appreciative for the leads you get will also get you more leads. If your sales manager or president sees that your making the best out of the leads that you are given then you are almost assured to get more leads or the best quality they can produce.


  • Improve your introduction process: Any lead cold or warm starts with an opening process. This process is your key to the rest of the sale. If you nail this then you can turn the worst of leads into the best. Find a way to perfect your introduction process as you only have one shot to leave a long and life lasting impression.


  • In the introduction bring up how you got the lead: Make sure that you notify the potential client where you got this leads and the full purpose of you coming in or reaching out. This will help give you some quick justification for the call or for the meeting.  Justifications are put in place to help your potential client hold to at least giving you and introduction.


  • Explain to your client that you’re completing their job much like they are doing their job: If you expelling to your potential client that you are just doing your job, if you meet any hostility, will help you show commonality with your potential client. Almost 100% of the time they are also doing their job when talking to you. It makes that potential client feel that they are the ones responsible for inhibiting you doing your job. This could help back then off so you can finish the process that you started.

So again remember you should be thankful for the leads that you have. Keep these things in mind to help you make money out of the leads that you are given. Also if you’re not with a company that gives you lead, then check out the market and see if there is a company much like yours that might provide leads.

Keep selling.

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