Selling to a rude potential client!

Altercations and fights are not fun to deal with. As a professionals communicators we have to use “emotion” as one of our number one tools to help us sell. This as a number one tool can also become our number one enemy when selling. People always buy off emotions but also almost make bad decisions when relying on emotion. Emotions can often cause fights, altercations, and give clients wrong perceptions. So how do we balance the emotion when dealing with a rude client or deal with a sale in an overheated moment? What are some of the things that we can do to keep the situation emotionally positive? What is best way to deal with a rude potential client?

As a person yourself, emotion also influences your personal behavior in an interaction. It’s in our human nature to be offended by someone who is being rude. It’s in our nature to be fight aggression with aggression. This is often a problem with a client that is being rude or aggressive because we always want to win! Winning the battle will not win you the war. Feeling good about yourself for 5 min after a fight with a client, will not land you a deal. This is a waste of time and not productive in your final goal. Let’s look at a few things that will be able to keep you in the right mindset and help you stay focused on the end all goal of “Closing the Deal”.

Take the Monk approach:

Monks look at life like everyone is suffering. Being able to look at a client the same way will help you understand where they might be coming from. This can help you keep yourself under control. Ask yourself why are they being rude for no reason? Why would they be treating me like this? If you then act as a guide to help them through their frustration you will turn a rude client into a best friend. Find out why they are having a bad day. Find out why they might be saying the things they say.  

Control what you can:

The only real emotions you can control are yours and not your clients. If they get angry you do not have to get angry. If they are rude you have the ability to remain calm and positive. Most poor decision and bad plans of attack are orchestrated when emotions are high. They can cloud your clear plan of action. If you stay focused on your objectives during your sale you’re more likely to keep your emotions under control and create a real, true, and effective plan to turn a rude client into a productive client.

Always remain positive:

Being negative for no reason is a waste of time. Why be negative when your sale is not life threatening? It’s not going to kill or hurt anyone so why worry? Getting to wrapped up in negative responsive and emotions can lead you down the wrong path with a difficult client. Try and get your client to remain positive by pointing out all the positive things about the situation, product, and interaction you’re having with them. This will help you and your client stay on a positive and productive path.

Keep in mind a “Pause & Think” is your Ace: High emotions can also make you act to soon without thinking of the consequences. Again, in controlling yourself you have the ability to think what you want, you have the ability to speak when you want, and you have the ability to speak what you want. The best thing you can do when you get heated in a sale is 1) stop 2) pause 3) take a deep breath then 4) Think about what to do or say next. This will save you from making a lot of mistakes that could lead you out of your objective of closing a deal. Use the ACE up your sleeve.

Lose the battle win the war: Why win the battle if it will not result you in closing the deal? Sometimes the person putting their tail between their legs and walking away from a fight with a client will help you land the deal. It is always better to side with your client instead of fight with them. Even if they are wrong its might be a benefit to side with them, think from their perspective, then offer a solution. One of the best ways to avoid a fight is to join the other side then pause & think. Once you have been in your shoes, as a sales professional you can offer a solution.


Being able to deal with rude potential clients will help you increase your closing percentage as well as your paycheck. Being able to have this skill takes a lot of practice so take every heated situation in real life and use these skills to de elevate the situation into a more productive and beneficial interaction. Try and keep it simple your objective is one thing: Close the Deal!


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