The fear of “No”

The fear of NO

Traveling through the corn maze on Halloween can be both fun and frustrating at the same time. Hitting dead end after dead end you finally find the right way out. Going through a sale with a client is exactly that same process. You’re going to run into dead ends as well a rejection. Rejection is part of the sales game. The issue is that many sales professionals have a fear of rejection and getting No from a client.

As a salesman who is good with communication, you want no’s to come from your client and you want to welcome some forms of rejection. Not every problem or concern to your product or company will have a perfect solution for every client. This why No’s and rejection brings important topics to the table for discussion. It allows you to create new Ideas and solutions for your client that keep the relationship and communication open.

We all know that relationships that can make it through hard times build a stronger bond. The more concerns that are met for your client and the more No’s that you can address for them builds the same bond. If sales professionals look at the rejection and the no’s as an opportunity to build more rapport and explain more of what your company and product has to offer then they will have an easier time leading the client to the close of the sale.

Here are some tips to help you overcome your fear of rejection:

  • Let the client know right from the beginning you’re ok with them saying No or having concerns about your product or company.
  • Follow this up by explaining that your whole job is to meet, manage, and clear up concerns only to find a positive solution and benefit for them.
  • Have a Plan A, Plan B, & Plan C Mindset. You should always have multiple solutions to objections or concerns for your client regarding your product. Your mindset should always be there must be a way to meet this concern or move on to the next step. Keep as many plans in your back pocket as possible and know how to use them.
  • If you get an aggressive rejection, place yourself in their shoes and try and find out why they are giving this aggression? Is it just emotional responses and not logic? Is it something you said and the way you communicated? Would I have responded the same way? If you find out this information you can side with the merchant and re-angle to Plan B or Plan C.
  • Do not be afraid to shift blame. You are the face of the company but you can always put a tense situation and rejection off when you blame the process on your job, company, and manager. This is not negative blame. This is just an explanation of your company process and simply the fact that you’re doing your job and fulfilling the duties that come along with it. If explained properly you will have less fear of rejection.

Always keep in mind that not every sale is cookie cutter or easy. Getting over the fear of No and rejection will make your sale much smoother and meaningful.

Happy Sales!

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