You deserve your worth!

Sales are a game of Entrepreneurship as you are ultimately responsible for your paycheck. It the business owner who decides if they are going to open their doors or not! It’s the business owner who decides how much money they make or not. It’s the business owner that decides how hard they are going to work or not. In sales the same is true. The outcome is totally equal to the effort and time that is put in trying to learn your product, company, and process. Sales professionals need not worry about what they have done in the past but how they can improve themselves for the future. Too often we lose sight of what we really deserve and focus not realizing what we are really worth.

One of the best ways to win at any sales game with any company is to work a deal of proof. Millions of dollars are lost every year on training and producing sales professionals that do not produce due to lack of effort or willingness to learn.  Many companies are willing to pay a top sales representative more after they have a track record of completing sales and becoming a top performer. If you plan on being the best then plan on being the best! Follow the top salesman in the company and figure out a way to do what they do but faster. Keeping this in mind with a solid attitude and with your team in mind will help you go much faster in your sales game.

There is always more money in proving yourself then telling them what you can do. Just do it!

Sell, make money, repeated, over and over then people will notice.

Happy Selling!

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