Your most valuable asset in sales “Time”

Would you say the ability to communicate is important? Or would you say that the time you spend on improving your communication is important? No one is the best! Learning to master communication is like learning to master a professional sport. There are always world top athletes but they will tell you that they learn something new every day and that they can always get better. Being able to use your time effectively in sales is your number one asset. Your ability to learn quickly, think on your feet, and kill your learning curve will help you succeed in any sales industry. If this is true then what do we do to manage our time? What are some of the things that we can put in place to make sure that we use our time wisely and never waste it?

Well we need to look at the order of importance in learning a new product, industry, or company. Order of importance will set you on the fastest track for success. Using the most valuable asset “Time” you will be able to focus on what matters most first! So what is the fastest learning process we can study to help us move forward quickly, helping us make better use of our time? Let’s have a look at these basic “Orders of Importance”

Company Sales Process (Sales Process):

Learning you’re about your company and your product will not save you if you do not have a process to follow. Sales professionals are ~40% more likely to succeed with their company if they follow the sales process outlined in their training. People sell products is an incorrect statement. Sales professionals following a process sell products is more accurate. Your company sales process follows some basic principles as well as systems that help you move a client through a sense of urgency. As a process has a beginning and an end this puts a factor stamped on the process. What is it? Well if something has a beginning and an end them there must be a timeline attached to that process. With a defined timeline in your process you now have the ability to break it down into steps “with” your client. This will help both you and your client define goals and objectives along the way. Rounding out the sale and placing your client into a process will help you learn how to effectively shorten that process in time leading to more deals closed in a shorter time span. This of course makes you more money faster.

Possible Client Objections and Concerns:

Handling objections and meeting client concerns is nest on our “Order of Importance” list because being able to handle objections makes for a smother run at the process. Being able to learn how to handle every concern and or objective will take some time but there are some tricks that you can use to speed up the learning process.

    1. Take your product or top selling products and write them out.
    2. Under each product write out all possible objections you can think of or your managers can think of.
    3. Then in a notebook with more space write out 3 or 4 creative answers for the objections or 3 to 4 creative solutions to meet or address your client’s possible concerns.
    4. Now for the hard part!  “Memorize & Repeat”
    5. Roll Play, Roll Play, & Roll Play

Product Knowledge:  

Now that you understand to handle almost every concern it’s time to learn more about the products that you are selling. Being able to handle objections will be able to give you the most important parts of product knowledge first. Learning objections first will also help save you time by filling your mind with the benefits that will come up in selling your product. Once the most important parts are out of the way you can fill your mind with other parts of your product that are less important to your sell. Just remember your job is not to be a product specialist. It’s to sell the product.


Keeping in mind that your time is the most valuable asset you have can help you effectively direct your time in the direction you need to. Following these 3 levels of importance during learning how to sell for a new company will help you make your learning cure very short. This can help you get to the money quicker, smarter, & more efficient.


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